Xangati Closes Visibility Gaps, Tackles Application Performance Issues for Virtual Environments

Application management 2.0 framework helps IT operations effectively address virtual machine and cloud sprawl

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Xangati's AppMonitor for Virtualization Management is the latest addition to the company's AppMonitor suite, extending its Application Management 2.0 framework and delivering full performance transparency and previously unavailable insights into end-user activity -- whether on the corporate network or in the cloud -- without using agents or probes.

Xangati’s AppMonitor provides real-time insight into end user's application activity on the network.  In this version, the product merges application activity with end-user response time to their specific virtualized and/or cloud applications. This combined information delivers a comprehensive understanding of the experience of an end user’s application on the network.

Additionally, the enhanced Visual Trouble Ticket(VTT) portal is now included into the AppMonitor to provide full situational awareness of end-user activity back to the IT help desk or telecommunications or cloud providers. Through a DVR-style recording delivered via a Web interface, all key players can look at a 15-minute recording and assess what’s at the heart of the performance issue, a faster and more direct route to problem ownership and resolution.

“Xangati’s solution reflects the understanding that existing application management headaches are compounded with the complex and dynamic environment of the virtualized world -- and, fast resolution to performance issues can only be achieved with the end user in the equation,” said Alan Robin, CEO of Xangati. “The new AppMonitor we’ve designed for the virtual world not only allows a power user to do their own self-help but shrinks the IT visibility gap by giving a more complete understanding of the interactions of applications and resources -- seeing straight through to where a performance problem resides, helping to bound the problem and resolve issues 50 percent faster, even with the increased clutter created by ‘sprawl’.”

Xangati’s new AppMonitor is available immediately and is priced beginning at an annual subscription rate of $2,100 (base Xangati platform required) and is also now offered through a new monthly subscription rate of less than $1,000 (base Xangati platform included). The AppMonitor provides two streamlined views -- a dashboard giving insight into individual end-user application activity and performance and a dashboard dedicated to the application owner that shows how much bandwidth is being used only for the applications for which they are responsible. The latter solution is useful for mapping back to verify bills for cloud application usage.

More information is available at www.xangati.com.

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