Sybase Enables Deployment on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud

Three data management servers offered for EC2 environment

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Sybase, Inc. has made its data management and analytics servers -- including Sybase SQL Anywhere, Sybase IQ, and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise -- available for the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) environment. With these products, customers can quickly develop and deploy on-demand data systems for mobile, analytics, and transactional applications.

Sybase's technology now allows developers to quickly set up and allocate data and analytic servers in the dynamic Amazon EC2 environment. These products will be delivered as production-ready Amazon machine images and available on demand at hourly system usage rates.

To provide for a full range of business applications, Sybase is offering three data management servers for the EC2 environment.

  • Sybase SQL Anywhere for customers seeking low administrative requirements for their workgroup, mobile, and Web applications

  • Sybase IQ for high-performance analytics, data warehousing, and other business intelligence applications

  • Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise for powerful transaction management systems


Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) of the developer editions for Sybase SQL Anywhere, Sybase IQ, and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise are available for immediate use. AMIs for SQL Anywhere Web Edition are scheduled for availability by September 30, 2009, with additional SQL Anywhere AMIs scheduled for availability in Q4 2009. AMIs of the production versions of Sybase IQ are scheduled for availability for use on Amazon AWS EC2 in Q4 2009. Production versions of Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise are scheduled for availability beginning in Q1 2010. Pay-as-you-go pricing will be available at time of release.

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