InterSystems Speeds Enterprise Integration with Ensemble Platform Enhancements

Features extend Ensemble’s ability to connect, orchestrate systems across the enterprise, improve message handling

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InterSystems Corporation has enhanced its InterSystems Ensemble rapid integration and development platform with new features that extend Ensemble’s ability to connect and orchestrate systems across the enterprise, provide additional services for development and testing of EDI/messaging applications, and improve message handling performance. The features increase the flexibility and control needed to resolve the complex challenges tied to enterprise-scale integration projects.

InterSystems develops integration, database, and business intelligence products. Ensemble is used to develop and integrate mission-critical applications, leverage previous software investments through composite applications, and establish an enterprise service bus or SOA infrastructure.

Major enhancements to Ensemble include:

Enhanced .NET Support: Ensemble’s .NET Gateway has been extended to provide organizations with improved control over instantiation and manipulation of .NET framework components. Developers can rapidly build composite applications involving .NET elements as well as orchestrate .NET applications without being limited to communication via a COM interface.

Message Edit/Resend: This new capability adds to Ensemble’s message delivery platform with analytical interfaces for tracing message flow from system to system. Users can now identify failed messages, edit the messages, and resend/redirect messages to the appropriate recipient. This feature is critical in highly dynamic environments such as health care, where systems that communicate through HL7 messages are continually moving between online/offline modes and interfaces are modified on an ongoing basis to connect to new business partners and systems.

Improved Reporting: Ensemble now includes automatic access to InterSystems’ enhanced Zen Reports. An extensible framework for generating reports in XHTML or .PDF formats, Zen Reports now supports use of external XML data sources and XSL style sheets, conditional report elements and styles, as well as providing multiple additional improvements. The new feature set enables faster and easier creation of reports based on data stored in Ensemble’s embedded CACHÉ database and improved management of the report creation process through use of style sheets.

Enhanced Connectivity, Performance

In addition to delivering new features focused on initiatives across the enterprise, Ensemble also includes new services that enable developers to rapidly test transmission of multiple EDI documents, including HL7 and X12 messages that are represented as Ensemble virtual documents. The virtual documents are utilized to compactly describe the EDI document and transmit it to recipients as rapidly as possible. These testing services are tightly integrated with Ensemble’s Visual Trace component that supports rapid testing and deployment of EDI and messaging applications -- capabilities that have proven to be particularly critical in highly volatile industries such as health care and financial services.

Complementing all of these enhancements, Ensemble now handles message processing approximately 30 percent faster than previously due to improvements in various areas including SOAP, XML and HL7v2 message processing.

The update is available now. More information is available at

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