Dimension 85 Service Helps IT Assess Energy Efficiency of Data Centers

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Dimension 85 Ltd. has launched Assessor, a Web-based service to help data-center owners manage their strategic energy efficiency initiatives. Assessor enables organizations to conduct benchmarks and assessments on data-center infrastructure and exploits the expertise and best practice recommendations of the EU Code of Conduct on Data Centres Energy Efficiency. Using a proven and repeatable consulting methodology, Assessor delivers management and tactical-level reports aimed at addressing energy efficiency issues and increases staff awareness of the subject.

With data-center energy consumption set to double by 2020, it is a concern for governments worldwide. As technology changes to address energy issues, the problem requires a long-term strategic approach based on the traditional management practices of benchmarking and assessment. Assessor fulfils this requirement enabling data-center managers to eliminate costs and empower their own specialists to create high-quality assessments and reports that enhances management decision making processes for data-center infrastructure change.

Assessor is suitable for any organization concerned about its energy consumption and wants to conduct a program of benchmarking and assessment without employing expensive external consultants or IT vendor’s service organizations.

Philip Vandenberg of Dimension 85 says, “Data center managers are being tasked to understand energy issues, reduce energy costs, and meet corporate energy commitments while continuing with the day job of adding to and enhancing existing services. This is not easy, and this first release of Assessor delivers a high-value service for resource-strapped organizations that are looking for real vendor-independent guidance on data center infrastructure and energy efficiency.”

More information is available at dimension85.com.

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