Tideway’s Foundation 7.3 Reduces Business Risks of Data Center Moves

Increased confidence in data center transitions can help in a more seamless, efficient process

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Tideway today announced the availability of Foundation 7.3, the latest version of its automated software appliance. Foundation 7.3 discovers all of a business’ servers, software, dependencies, and business applications, providing a single, automated view of application topology. It takes the cost and risk out of data center migration, consolidation, and software license auditing projects.

Foundation 7.3 can now automatically group servers into likely business applications without manual intervention. This removes uncertainty from the project planning process, significantly decreasing business risk and reducing the auditing costs of a data center move. Foundation 7.3 is also available for a three-month license as a pre-packaged service, enabling companies to easily deploy it on a project basis.

IT often doesn’t have the ability to discover and map automatically “home-grown” or custom-packaged applications. With no way to identify which applications depend on which infrastructure (or one another), IT faces a serious challenge in a data center move or consolidation project because a key part of the planning process is working out which groups of servers can be moved safely at once without causing accidental downtime. Foundation 7.3 is the first tool to address this critical need by automatically identifying highly dependent groups of servers. By removing the guesswork, Foundation 7.3 helps IT avoid surprises during data center movies that may cause severe business disruption and downtime.

Communication during a data center move is critical, particularly for making sure everyone is on the same page and talking about the same infrastructure in the planning process, as well as during the move itself. Tideway Foundation now generates server passports -- PDF documents that contain all of the important details about each server in the data center. These can be shared as discussion documents during the planning phase and physically attached to servers in the execution phase.

By making Foundation 7.3 phase zero for data center initiatives, businesses can perform migration and consolidation projects with confidence, ensuring they have an accurate audit and inventory assessment of their IT infrastructure. The introduction of grouping features and server passports transform traditionally labor intensive, manual processes into completely automated ones.

Tideway offers the Tideway Foundation Community Edition, a free, downloadable version of Tideway Foundation. The Community Edition, which includes sample hardware reference and software end-of-life data, is available for download at www.tideway.com/products/foundation/download/.

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