Intelliden's Network Automation Solution Addresses Mission-Critical Network Management Issues

Intelliden NetNovo enables greater control, management, scalability for network-driven companies

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Intelliden Inc. today announced the availability of Intelliden NetNovo, a network automation solution designed to help enterprises control, manage, and scale their networks. Intelliden NetNovo is a comprehensive solution for managing the operational lifecycle of multi-vendor networks, including real-time discovery, security control, configuration and change management, compliance and audit, resource reconciliation, and software upgrades.

Intelliden NetNovo builds upon the success of Intelliden’s automation solutions for service-provider networks with the same applications and SmartModel capabilities, but sized for enterprise networks with 500 to 10,000 devices. Intelliden NetNovo provides several unique features designed especially for today’s network-driven enterprises such as financial services, retail, logistics, defense, and energy companies. These include:

  • Multiple management modes to support a range of network skills and roles, from a certified expert engineer to a novice operator

  • Support for regulatory mandates and security policies as well as the mundane, but operationally critical, engineering standards

  • Network-compliance tracking through a single weighted “compliance score” at a point in time and over a period of time

  • Granular device control by user, device, and configuration command

  • Complete and accurate configuration history and audit log regardless of whether the change was made through Intelliden

  • Open APIs for rapid integration with third-party applications such as CMDB, fault management, trouble ticketing, and IT automation

  • Scalability from a few hundred to thousands of devices

With ever-increasing network complexity, stringent compliance mandates, shortening maintenance windows and budget pressures, network organizations are under greater pressure to deliver the highest levels of network uptime, security, and performance. Intelliden NetNovo reduces costs by automating time-consuming configuration changes and compliance checks, improves network performance by ensuring that all network changes are made in strict adherence to pre-defined network policies, and enhances control by providing a comprehensive solution for network access and audit log.

To support the increasingly frequent and onerous corporate audits and compliance initiatives, Intelliden NetNovo introduces the concept of compliance score to track the compliance readiness of a network. Network managers can assign weighting to individual policies and track their network’s compliance score based on the number of devices that successfully pass validation. Compliance scores and trend history are available through dashboards as well as multiple report formats.

Intelliden’s network automation solution acts as a network management data repository or “network CMDB” (network configuration management database) to a federated enterprise CMDB, and provides open APIs for querying and publishing information. Intelliden ensures that the enterprise CMDB has access to accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive view of network resources, policies, and change history.

Pricing and Availability

Intelliden NetNovo is available now starting at list price of $147,500 for 500 devices. Add-on support for Intelliden SmartModels is available on an annual subscription basis, which enables network managers to achieve highest levels of change accuracy without the need to learn device specific configuration protocols.

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