Siemon Releases New RouteIT Cable Pathway Solution

Innovative wire mesh cable tray and mounting accessories developed to efficiently manage and route network cabling channels in overhead, under-floor, or wall-mount configurations

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Siemon has released its new RouteIT cable tray system that includes a comprehensive offering of wire mesh cable trays and mounting accessories. The RouteIT cable tray system delivers flexible and easily deployed pathways for overhead, under-floor, and wall-mount applications in the data center and throughout the entire network infrastructure.

Siemon’s RouteIT cable tray system is offered in an exclusive elliptical wire construction that increases the surface area of the tray cross-members by 400%, decreasing cable strain and deformation that can negatively impact cabling and overall network performance. Also available in standard round-wire design, the trays feature a robust, all-steel welded construction for reliable support of maximum cable capacities. Both oval and round wire designs have rounded edges at all critical points and snag-proof “t-welded” top wire construction to prevent cable damage.

The wire mesh cable tray is supported by an extensive line of user-friendly RouteIT accessories. Multiple accessories maintain cable geometries and minimum bend radius requirements around corners and as cables enter or exit the pathways. This line includes a Siemon-exclusive “vertical up” accessory that maintains proper bend radius as cables are routed upwards from under-floor pathways, protecting channel performance in mission-critical data center applications.

Under-floor tray supports come in various configurations, including mounting pedestals, brackets for multi-level pathways and vertical supports designed to mount tray independently of raised floor assemblies. Also included is an exclusive seismic-rated under-floor mounting bracket that integrates both vertical pedestals and horizontal tray support into a single, easy-to-install unit.

Overhead mounting accessories enable center-mount hanging support for all tray sizes and side-mount trapeze-style clips, which can be individually removed and reinstalled to allow side-loading of cable. Triangular wall-mount brackets are also available for all tray sizes.

RouteIT cable trays are available in an array of sizes and configurations to support nearly any data center and network pathway configuration. Offered in convenient 9.8 ft (3 meter) sections, options include 2 in. (52mm), 4 in. (102mm) and 6 in. (152mm) tray depths and widths ranging from 4 in. (103mm) to 24 in (610mm). Standard tray finishes are pre-galvanized silver and black powder coat. Additional finishes are available upon request.

The RouteIT cable tray system was designed to integrate seamlessly with Siemon’s VersaPOD data center cabinet and RS series racks. Combined with Siemon’s high performance, end-to-end copper and fiber network cabling systems, this feature rich physical layer pathway creates a total data center infrastructure solution.

More information on Siemon’s new RouteIT cable tray system is available

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