Dataguise Tools Help Organizations Find, Mask Sensitive Data

Discovers where sensitive data resides within production and non-production environments, protects it from theft, loss, external breach

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Dataguise, a security solutions provider, has released the next generation of the company’s popular Dataguise security solution -- Dgdiscover 3.0 and Dgmasker 3.0. Version 3.0 is the industry’s first integrated solution for comprehensive sensitive data discovery and masking. It finds structured database repositories across the network, discovers sensitive data in structured databases, and then protects it by masking or de-identifying it.

Dataguise finds, searches, and masks sensitive data across all databases throughout the enterprise. This allows organizations to create corporate masking policies for faster adherence to compliance regulations, lower risk of a data breach, and reduced reliance on cumbersome single-database masking solutions.

In many organizations, sensitive information is scattered in unprotected databases and file servers across corporate infrastructure. Although most enterprises have taken measures to control access to critical data in their production environments, this protection does not always extend to non-production data. Enterprises are continuously cloning production data to support development, testing, QA, and pre-production deployment. As a result, sensitive data can be inadvertently propagated throughout the extended enterprise. This can include employee data such as taxpayer IDs, employee names/addresses, and dependent information, customer information such as credit cards and card expiration dates, and intellectual property or classified information.

The need to satisfy requirements for regulations such as, HIPAA, PCI, and PII as well as data theft prevention and sound governance make it imperative that organizations implement the necessary processes to block exposure of this sensitive information. The first step is finding the databases containing the sensitive data.

Dataguise offers the first integrated product offering of its kind to combine both discovery of databases containing sensitive data, identification of the data at risk in the database, and masking in place (MIP) of the information for seamless security. Dgdiscover 3.0 quickly determines where sensitive information resides throughout the enterprise; Dgmasker 3.0 de-identifies information targeted for use outside of the production network. Both tools scale for use in small and midsize enterprises to the largest multi-national corporations for unlimited enterprise-wide discovery and masking.

Additional benefits include:

  • Rapidly determines where databases are running
  • Quickly analyzes what tables/columns contain sensitive data for masking recommendation
  • Easy to deploy enterprise class software without network hardware installation requirements
  • Searches structured data repositories: Oracle, DB2, SQL Server, MySQL, Teradata, Sybase, MS Access
  • Searches unstructured data repositories for file formats that include Text, MS Office, PDF, XML, CSV and LOG
  • Pre-defined templates for PCI, HIPAA, and PII compliance regulations
  • Ability to easily create and add custom policies
  • Provides an easy-to-interpret graphical summary of search results
  • Secures data in non-production environments
  • Preserves business data rules so as not to break applications

The Dataguise security solution, featuring both Dgdiscover 3.0 and Dgmasker 3.0, is available immediately with pricing based on environment and configuration. More information is available at

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