MEGA Introduces Defense and Security Solution

Supports Department of Defense, NATO frameworks

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MEGA is now delivering a new solution for defense and security that supports both the NATO Architecture Framework (NAF) and the Department of Defense Architecture Framework (DoDAF). This solution is already used by EADS, the second largest aerospace, defense, and security company in the world, to support its activities on large projects.

The MEGA Defense and Security Solution, based on the MEGA Suite platform, is designed for organizations involved in large system engineering projects such as defense or security contractors, companies engaged in very large public/private projects, and NATO organizations. Several countries have already adopted DoDAF or NAF as system architecture standards.

The solution consists of the MEGA Suite for NAF, which began delivery this month, and the MEGA Suite for DoDAF, introduced earlier this year. This new solution offers a flexible software technology, a common repository, a comprehensive information model for impact analysis, and a powerful collaborative environment. MEGA’s expertise and tools for EA modeling are well-suited to complex architecture needs; for years, the company has helped government agencies and large civil contractors successfully manage large projects.

The NAF provides standardized guidance, rules, and product descriptions for developing, presenting, and communicating architectures for distributed and network-centric systems. It ensures a common understanding to compare and integrate architectures. Its primary use is for development of large-scale defense and security systems where multiple contractors collaboratively build specialized components that must be integrated into a system of systems.

MEGA also offers other standardized framework, model, and library support for The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF), the U.S. Federal Enterprise Architecture Framework (FEAF), IT City Planning, IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL), and Enhanced Telecom Operations Map (eTOM).

The MEGA Defense and Security solution supports DoDAF 1.5 and NAF 3.0. It is available now.

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