Tiger Technology Ships Affordable Storage and File Virtualization Software

Professionals can pool multiple live storage devices into a single namespace.

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Tiger Technology OOD is now shipping affordable storage and file virtualization software for storage professionals.

PoolIt enables IT professionals to “pool” together multiple live storage devices into a single namespace. Its unique technology offers the latest in advanced virtualization for DAS, NAS, and SAN storage and enables professionals to more easily manage, consolidate, and administer their storage infrastructures. It turns off-the-shelf, utilized storage into flexible and manageable resources. This new technology requires no restructuration or expensive hardware upgrade to realize greater returns on storage investments with fewer IT staff.

“Most IT professionals are having a hard time keeping up with the chaotic storage growth our industry has been undergoing,” says Alexander Lefterov, CTO for Tiger Technology “Some people have spent lots of money on proprietary storage solutions to put an end to this ongoing burden of managing, upgrading, and migrating data. Others will now find serious relief with poolIt, a much simpler, cost-effective, and open alternative.”

PoolIt isolates users and applications from changes to the physical storage infrastructure. It is ideal to consolidate SAN, NAS, and local storage resources. poolIt pro allows multiple physical volumes to be aggregated into a single virtual volume so the data they contain can now be accessed from a single mount point. In addition, smart runtime and maintenance logic policies ensure that data always gets stored -- or moved -- to the optimal volume. Data that is not critical to daily business operations can be stored on low cost, commodity storage while data requiring high-speed and/or a higher level of protection can be stored on faster, more secure RAIDs. It is possible to optimize storage utilization based on available capacity, folder structures, file type, age, etc.

PoolIt key features:

  • Easily expand capacity of existing storage infrastructure
  • Combine multiple local volumes and network resources into a single virtual pool
  • Add/remove volumes from the pool dynamically and without data loss
  • Migrate data from one storage device to another transparently
  • Implement tiered storage for better matching the type of data with the available resources
  • Make use of all the available space distributed across multiple volumes
  • Keep recently used files locally but transfer aging files on remote servers
  • Create very large volumes safely and easily
  • Optimize storage resource utilization through smart runtime and maintenance logic strategies

PoolIt puts an end to storage provisioning that can be expensive and difficult to forecast. The resulting virtual volume mounts as a local drive that can also be exposed as a network share to the entire organization. User rights and access privileges are preserved. In a domain environment, poolIt pro authenticates each access against native Active Directory security.


PoolIt Pro is now shipping for the Windows XP and Vista (32 and 64-bit) operating systems. Up to 10x members can be combined in a single pool. PoolIt Server, with support for Windows Server 2003 and 2008 is now available for evaluation and will be ship shortly. More information is available online at www.poolit.com.

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