Spectra Logic Introduces Cost-Saving, High-Capacity Enterprise Tape Library

T-Finity’s design ensures enduring access to data archives and backups for enterprise IT, federal, high-performance computing, and media/entertainment organizations

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Spectra Logic has released an enterprise tape library that meets demanding archive and backup requirements while saving customers up to 30 percent on initial capital investments and 15 to 20 percent on annual recurring operational expenses.

The Spectra T-Finity library offers multiple, redundant robots, scaling to more than 45 petabytes in a single library and to more than 180 petabytes in a single, unified library complex. The T-Finity is targeted for use in data-intensive environments such as large enterprise IT, federal, high-performance computing (HPC), and media/entertainment.

Nathan Thompson, Spectra Logic’s CEO and founder, noted that “the T-Finity library enables customers to consolidate multiple legacy libraries, reduce initial capital investments, control ongoing operational expense, and ensure investment protection with scalability to meet long-term data growth requirements.”

The Spectra T-Finity provides high availability for 24x7x365 operations -- the highest storage density available on the market -- and high-speed performance to handle sustained high transaction volumes. These capabilities meet the needs of demanding backup environments, and are important for the growing number of organizations archiving high-volume, media-rich data such as research, bio-tech, oil and gas, seismic imaging, surveillance video, media and entertainment, video content, and financial applications. With support for industry-leading LTO open tape technology and IBM System Storage TS1130 tape drives, the Spectra T-Finity enables customers to select their preferred enterprise tape option.

Spectra T-Finity delivers enterprise tape library advancements based on a modern design that saves money while increasing confidence in data integrity and availability on tape:

  • Highest Density: At 72 terabytes per square foot, the T-Finity provides up to 70 percent higher density than competitive offerings.

  • Most Scalable: The T-Finity scales to more than 30,000 slots in a single library and 120,000 slots in a single library complex. It scales capacity by adding frames non-disruptively, requiring no library downtime.

  • High Availability Hardware: Delivers up to four nines (99.99%) availability through dual robotics, redundant control and communication paths, and multiple redundant components that increase uptime and support high exchange rate workloads.

  • Confidence in Data Availability: Spectra’s Lifecycle Management includes proactive library, tape drive, and media lifecycle management and reporting to ensure high availability and data integrity. Additionally, Spectra's ScanTape functionality verifies the health of tapes before writing data to them, and then verifies the data was successfully written to the tape.

  • Most Power Efficient: Extremely efficient power use per unit of data stored, minimizing power and cooling costs.

  • Integrated Data Encryption and Key Management: Spectra’s data encryption enables organizations to secure data and reduce the cost of regulatory compliance.

  • Unified Management: As the only enterprise-class library with a single management interface, the T-Finity uses Spectra’s BlueScale software to simplify administration, configuration, hot upgrades, security and local and remote reporting.

The Spectra T-Finity’s many "built-in" features include integrated data encryption; library virtualization and partitioning; and hardware, media, and library management software, all included at no additional cost.

List price for the Spectra T-Finity, including two LTO4 fibre channel drives, two robots, encryption, Spectra library lifecycle management and BlueScale management software, begins at $218,500.

T-Finity is compatible with all major archive and backup software applications including but not limited to: BakBone NetVault, CA ArcServe, and BrightStor, CommVault Sympana, Filetek StorHouse, FrontPorch DIVArchive, IBM HPSS and TSM, Legato DiskExtender and Networker, MassTech MassStore, QStar, Quantum StorNext, SGI DMF, SGL FlashNet, Symantec Backup Exec and NetBackup, Syncsort Backup Express, and XenData.

More information is available at www.spectralogic.com.

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