Courion Expands Accessibility of Identity and Access Management

Fixed-price offering allows for broader implementation of Access Assurance solutions across more applications

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Courion Corporation has initiated an enhanced connector program that will greatly reduce the cost while expanding the benefits of identity and access management (IAM) in large enterprises. Through the Courion Connector Program, Courion’s fixed pricing will enable customers to expand the implementation of their Access Assurance strategy across more applications, cut operational costs, mitigate risk from improper access to sensitive data, and ensure compliance with relevant regulations.

Connectors serve to verify, create, manage, and terminate user credentials for specific critical applications, such as financial applications and ERP systems, allowing for automated user provisioning, role management, password management, compliance, and more. Research shows that in most businesses, fewer than 20 percent of applications are governed by an identity and access management solution. This is a major problem because sensitive data resides on many more applications in the typical enterprise. This leaves enterprises exposed to security and compliance risks stemming from current and former employees' ability to gain inappropriate access to systems and data.

“Large enterprises that deploy user account provisioning and other IAM solutions often have hundreds or even thousands of customized or internally developed applications that have accumulated over the years, and many if not all of these applications fall within the scope of an IAM program,” said Perry Carpenter, research director at Gartner. “The high cost associated with connectors is one of the factors that Gartner clients tell us inhibits wider use of provisioning software in their organizations. Clients expect highly-reliable, low-cost solutions which will enable them to extend the benefits of provisioning to a broader range of applications and resources.”

Courion is offering a low, fixed price for connectors. Connectors can cost between $30,000-$50,000, but Courion’s full-suite connectors, whether out-of-the-box or custom designed, cost just $12,000 per system or application. These full-suite connectors include functionality for compliance, password management, provisioning, and role management. Additionally, all PasswordCourier password management connectors will be as low as $9,600.

Courion currently offers more than 250 connectors and the company will further extend this collection through its India Technology Center, which opened this summer and is solely focused on creating new connectors.

Courion connectors provide a wide range of services, including account creation, entitlement management, notification, policy, trigger, and reset capabilities so customers can detect breaches of access policy and prevent and remediate breaches by proactively blocking improper access. Courion’s connectors also give IT managers the ability to manage account changes over time and remove access instantaneously as conditions merit.

Courion's connectors are lightweight and do not incorporate extensive business logic, making them easier to modify and update to meet changing industry requirements, allowing customers to:

  • Effectively leverage current automated provisioning, role management, password management, and compliance

  • Make dramatic improvements to operational speed, efficiency and control by extending the reach of the applications that Courion’s solution can help automate and recertify

  • Enhance the value and ROI of the Courion solution with minimal additional investment

Courion’s unique Access Assurance approach to identity, access, and compliance management ensures that only the right people have the right access to the right resources and are doing the right things. Access Assurance unifies Access Governance, Access Provisioning, and Access Compliance in the most complex, heterogeneous environments. This comprehensive approach increases operational efficiency and transparency, strengthens security, and improves compliance, while delivering the industry’s fastest time to value, and lowest total cost of ownership.

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