ParaScale Introduces Open Private Cloud Storage Platform

Software transforms commodity Linux servers into low-cost, scalable storage tier for enterprises, service providers

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ParaScale, Inc., a cloud-storage solutions developer, has introduced ParaScale Cloud Storage software (PCS) R2.0. The new release targets enterprise storage administrators who must economically scale capacity and performance as well as service providers who want to offer a variety of storage cloud services. ParaScale’s open solution leverages any commodity hardware running Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS or CentOS, and can integrate applications directly onto storage nodes. PCS R2.0 also provides integration capabilities into virtualized environments and Web services.

This release reflects the growing realization by global customers that existing approaches to managing their stored data assets prevent them from rapidly delivering a pool of storage that easily scales capacity and performance independently and economically. PCS R2.0 removes these obstacles as a software-only solution that can be downloaded from the Web and applied to any standard Linux platform to enable hundreds of commodity servers to be clustered together as a file repository, as a storage cloud with massive capacity and parallel throughput, or as a disaster recovery option for virtualized environments.

“Storage teams in 2010 are going to face the issue of getting ready for growth with budgets and head count frozen at 2009 levels. How are they going to pull off this magic? By going outside the box, by looking at technologies that the innovators are using and not old workhorse NAS technologies from 1990,” said Sajai Krishnan, CEO, ParaScale. “Release 2.0 represents a significant step to provide our customers with a simple solution to store and manipulate any type of Tier II file data on higher-performance, more scalable, more accessible, and cheaper storage. Our customer’s finance department is especially going to appreciate that for the first time the storage team can repurpose hardware and buy disk drives at any computer retail outlet to store some of their enterprise data reliably.”

One of the key features of PCS R2.0 enables ParaScale to function as a back-up for virtual machines and their respective data. In the event of a failure, the virtual machines can be booted directly from ParaScale and be up and running in seconds without having to move around VM images.

Additional key features of ParaScale Cloud Storage software R2.0 include:

  • Web service API expansion through SOAP and REST to provide configuration, administration, and provisioning support: Enterprises and service providers can provide self-service options through the Web and integrate ParaScale functionality into third-party dashboards, control panels, and workflows.

  • Synchronous replication based on policy per multi-tenant instance: Administrators can enable protection strategies that include up to eight synchronous copies to different data sets.

  • Private cloud multi-tenancy support including metered usage for chargeback: A ParaScale cloud can be partitioned to provide different service levels as well as deliver usage based metrics and pricing to internal and external customers.

Proactive reporting and monitoring capabilities: Instead of requiring customers to provide detailed information and perform recovery activities, ParaScale R2.0 provides remote monitoring combined with auto healing capabilities.

ParaScale Cloud Storage software R2.0 is available today; pricing is based on the physical capacity within the cloud with deployments starting in North America at a list price of 95 cents per GB. More information is available at

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