RainStor 3.5 Preserves Massive Amounts of Structured Data in the Cloud

Data manager optimized for scalability on commodity hardware, cloud storage

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RainStor, an infrastructure software company that provides a repository for historical structured data, today announced it is entering the U.S. data management market with an online data retention solution that reduces the cost and complexity of preserving information in the enterprise and the cloud.

Organizations of all sizes have problems handling massive amounts of data. RainStor 3.5 confronts this challenge by providing technology that lets companies manage more data with less hardware, storage, and resources. Optimized for scalability on commodity hardware and for the cloud, RainStor’s provides a cost-effective way to reduce, retrieve, and retain data over the long term no matter where that data lives.

RainStor 3.5 is optimized for massive and cost-efficient scalability on commodity hardware and the cloud enabling companies to manage more data with less infrastructure and minimal effort. Enhanced features in version 3.5 include:

  • Extreme Data Compression
    • Massive (97%) storage savings
    • Easily transportable data files
    • Use any storage or disk technology
  • Simplified Data Management
    • Manage with standard file systems
    • No special skills or expensive DBA’s needed
    • Gain on demand access with SQL tools
  • High Level of Scalability on Commodity Hardware
    • Cost-efficient load and query performance
    • Manage limitless data volumes
    • Use virtual and cloud resources elastically

With more than 35 customers acquired through partners in the last 12 months, RainStor’s traction highlights the need for technology that both stores and manages large volumes of data and ensures that critical data is query-able at any time. RainStor provides underlying technology for companies like Informatica, who embedded the service within its ILM product suite.

For more information on RainStor, please visit www.rainstor.com.

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