New Easy-XL Software Eases Complicated Excel Analyses

Over 50 new commands among time-saving features

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In use on 500 million desktops around the world, Microsoft Excel is a ubiquitous business tool. From simple budgets to complex statistical models, Excel is used everywhere to track data. Microsoft estimates that there are billions of spreadsheets in use today around the world. Unfortunately, getting Excel to produce the right analysis often requires extraordinary skills. In many companies, one or two Excel gurus emerge and become the go-to person, creating a bottleneck, as people need to figure out how to solve problems in Excel. A new Excel add-in -- Easy-XL -- makes complex analyses in reach of anyone who can use a mouse.

Easy-XL works with all versions from Excel 2000 through Excel 2010. The add-in adds a new menu or ribbon tab filled with time-saving features. The add-in adds over 50 new commands to Excel, many centered around doing complex database analysis.

Among these new features:

  • Merge data from different worksheets: Say that your main worksheet has fields such as Customer # and Product # but is missing details such as customer name, product description, and so on. If you have a workbook that maps Customer number to customer name, Easy-XL can merge the customer details from that other workbook, without having to type VLOOKUP commands.

  • Index Every Excel Workbook in a folder: The output is an Excel worksheet listing all of the workbooks and worksheets. You will see how many rows on each worksheet, the number of cells, and the number of formulas. You will have a hyperlink to instantly open any of those workbooks.

  • Split Worksheet by Date: Take a database and split it into 12 monthly worksheets or 52 weekly
    worksheets, or even by day of week.

  • Query by Example: Build complex criteria without using Advanced Filter.

As Bill Jelen of notes, "Although the software is essential for those who hate complex Excel functions, it will also be a time-saver for the Excel guru. The guru can already sling around VLOOKUPs or knock out a quick macro, but why would you go through that hassle when Easy-XL can accomplish the same result with a few mouse clicks?"

Easy-XL is a collaborative project from and Ottawa-based InformationActive. The software sells for $69. A free, 30-day test-drive is available at

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