Sungard Continuity Management Solution Provides Foundation for Business Continuity Management Software Suite

SunGard’s new platform helps organizations simplify, integrate business continuity management tools

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SunGard Availability Services today introduced the Continuity Management Solution (CMS), a centralized platform that unites SunGard’s full suite of business continuity management (BCM) software.

The CMS delivers a secure, single integration point for organizations utilizing multiple BCM applications from SunGard. The CMS helps enable each BCM software tool to fully connect and communicate with one another, so that data entered once on this integrated platform can be shared across multiple products. This all-in-one solution will help organizations simplify their business continuity workload and manage the entire business continuity lifecycle through one common project center.

Designed to accommodate evolving BCM program needs, SunGard’s integrated CMS architecture encompasses SunGard’s full suite of BCM software, including two new products, BIA Professional and Risk Assessment.

BIA Professional is a new version of SunGard’s business impact analysis application, which helps organizations identify vulnerabilities and prioritize business continuity planning efforts. SunGard’s BIA Professional is designed to address each organization’s unique information availability needs by determining the impact of potential disruptions, and defining and prioritizing recovery time requirements by way of an automated, intelligent reporting system.

Risk Assessment is a new SunGard offering that helps companies evaluate potential threats across their entire organization, calculate the residual risk for each threat, and determine areas where financial and operational resources are most needed to mitigate them. Risk Assessment simplifies and automates these assessment processes by using a built-in survey data collection and analysis tool. It also supports compliance initiatives by tracking relevant information about an organization’s availability program and providing a central source of information. This facilitates faster, more efficient reporting to governing bodies within and outside an organization.

Both BIA Professional and Risk Assessment include surveys and reports developed by industry experts and help organizations build custom surveys and reports as their business continuity programs mature over time. BIA Professional and Risk Assessment also easily integrate with SunGard’s Living Disaster Recovery Planning System (LDRPS), allowing for data reconciliation and avoiding the need for duel data entry between products.

In addition to SunGard’s BIA Professional and Risk Assessment software, the SunGard CMS suite will also include: LDRPS, NotiFind, and Incident Manager powered by WebEOC. All products are available with a variety of delivery and functional options and can be scaled

appropriately to fit the needs of any size organization.

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