Pillar Data Systems Delivers High-Performance, High-Value Storage

New Axiom Slammer Series 2 boosts performance, doubles cache and processing power at no additional cost

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Pillar Data Systems has improved storage performance and efficiency by helping customers optimize dollar per IOP with their existing storage resources. Significant advancements to the Axiom 600TM storage system with the new Slammer Series 2 deliver significant performance and value. This new Slammer, combined with Pillar’s fourth generation AxiomONE software, delivers more flexibility and investment protection with twice the cache and twice the processing power for a 50 percent increase in overall performance.

The Slammer Series 2 leverages Pillar’s Quality of Service (QoS) capability in the AxiomONE software suite, enabling customers to further differentiate application IO workloads by promoting and/or demoting the QoS of a LUN or file system by Slammer and drive type. Because the new Slammer Series 2 works in conjunction with first-generation Slammers, customers can leverage their existing storage pools, ensuring optimal investment protection.

With multiple applications running in the same environment, such as e-mail, databases, back-up, and video streaming, customers have more ways to allocate storage resources to each data type for maximum performance and efficiency.

The pressure continues to mount for IT managers to consolidate multiple applications on fewer data center infrastructure resources. However, business needs have demanded that application performance improve. The new advancements in the Axiom allow customers to protect their investments by being able to choose the optimal configuration based on their business needs, and, in turn, the needs of their applications.

Pillar Axiom is an ideal storage platform for cloud environments because of its flexibility, performance, scalability and unique QoS capabilities. Much like Pillar did with its SSD and 2-terabyte SATA drives, the company makes it possible to extend new product technology into a system without disruption, giving cloud providers new flexibility in deploying and morphing storage to meet diverse user and application requirements.

Slammer Series 2Product Details

Slammer storage controllers are the high-performance, high-reliability data movers and managers for Pillar Axiom Storage systems. Each Slammer is a high-availability subsystem, providing connectivity between internal storage resources and external application hosts and management interfaces. These components are tightly integrated with Pillar’s AxiomONE software suite, enabling intuitive storage management, configuration and monitoring.

Pillar’s Slammer Series 2 boasts a 50 percent increase in IOPS as well as:

  • Double the cache
  • Double the CPU horsepower
  • A 4X increase in CIFS connections
  • A 2X increase in number of vLUNs
  • 30 percent increase in backend performance
  • 2TB 7200 RPM SATA drive Brick support

Today’s news underscores Pillar’s mission to make storage efficiency a reality. Last year, Pillar introduced an SSD-enabled Axiom that continues to deliver the single best $/IOP in the storage market, and drives down overall power consumption by up to 85 percent. Pillar also introduced the first enterprise-class 2TB SATA drive that increases capacity, while consuming less space and energy.

The Axiom 600 Slammer Series 2 is generally available now. More information is available at www.pillardata.com.

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