Surgient Launches Cloud Express Helps Enterprises Set up Private Clouds in 30 Days

Quickly delivers benefits of cloud computing within the secured enterprise

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Surgient has launched Surgient Cloud Express, a new program that combines the best of cloud-computing technology and implementation services to help organizations deploy on-premise clouds within 30 days. The product is designed to help enterprises more quickly and easily experience the improved performance, provisioning, and security benefits private clouds can deliver. Surgient Cloud Express is available for $50,000 USD, and includes all the software, documentation, and services needed to roll out a comprehensive private enterprise cloud environment on virtualized infrastructure.

“A properly implemented private cloud is the key to solving costly IT service delivery challenges in the enterprise,” said Tim Lucas, president and CEO of Surgient. “This carefully designed program lets enterprises experience firsthand the proven value and dramatic productivity improvements that Surgient-powered private clouds can deliver in their data centers.”

The new Surgient Cloud Express offering is a rapid implementation of an on-site enterprise cloud environment that marries the core Surgient platform with services and proven best practices that come from successfully deploying and supporting over 150 enterprise clouds. Surgient’s technology helps IT professionals provide their users the ability to reserve and guarantee delivery of virtualized, self-service computing resources. Together, the technology, services, and best practices from Surgient help organizations tap into the power of cloud computing to reduce overall IT costs while supporting top-quality service levels for critical business applications and initiatives.

Surgient Cloud Express is now available to enterprises with a virtualized infrastructure. More information and details on the new Surgient Cloud Express offering is available at

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