DynamicOps Delivers Automated, Space-Efficient Virtual Desktop Solution

Turnkey solution leverages NetApp FlexClone technology, reducing storage capacity requirements and improving performance

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DynamicOps has enhanced its Virtual Resource Manager (VRM) software with NetApp FlexClone technology, creating a fully-automated virtual desktop solution that reduces desktop provisioning times and associated storage costs.

This new version of VRM is combined with a specialized NetApp module that leverages and orchestrates the FlexClone technology of NetApp arrays that are based on the NetApp Data ONTAP operating system, including the IBM N series and N series Gateways.

The solution reduces the storage capacity needed for virtual desktops by as much as 50 percent. It eliminates performance problems associated with multiple systems booting simultaneously and provides an integrated operations management console for administrators and desktop support that also incorporates visibility for these groups with capacity management and chargeback metrics. At the same time, desktop support staff can rapidly provision and manage thousands of virtual desktops in a controlled and automated fashion.

With the FlexClone technology, VRM is a turnkey solution to rapidly provision virtual desktops in an automated, space-efficient manner while reducing the operational cost of maintaining and supporting a large virtual infrastructure. Without VRM, IT organizations are required to make trade-offs between performance, cost, and agility, making it difficult to justify large-scale virtual desktop deployments.

“By using the power of the NetApp technology and integrating it into a single console that automates and simplifies the day-to-day management, enterprises can now confidently scale their virtual desktop environments quickly and efficiently using robust data center technologies that have passed the test of time,” explained Richard Krueger, CEO, DynamicOps.

VRM with NetApp FlexClone technology is available now. More information is available at www.dynamicops.com.

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