MEGA Adds IT Planning Capabilities to Enterprise Architecture Solution

Creating road maps for IT infrastructure supports evolving business needs

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MEGA has introduced a new set of features in MEGA IT Planning to help enterprises align IT plans with business strategy and manage IT transformations faster and more efficiently.

MEGA fully integrates IT planning with enterprise architecture (EA) tools, a necessary combination to provide all capabilities required to quickly understand how potential changes to IT resources will affect business operations. The software is part of the MEGA Suite, a proven EA solution for nearly 20 years.

With MEGA IT Planning, organizations can control the evolution of IT systems, improve asset allocation, and save money. Master plans of IT systems provided by MEGA IT Planning show time-dependent views of services, applications, and IT asset portfolio management, enabling accurate forecasting of IT changes.

MEGA IT Planning helps companies manage IT infrastructure in the context of rapid business changes. Businesses can plan and control IT transitions much faster, and align IT systems to meet evolving needs.

MEGA IT Planning is a road map creation tool that helps enterprises plan, model, and visualize technology resources and make well-informed decisions about IT asset acquisition, management, and retirement.

The software provides:

  • A central repository for shared data
  • Capability maps linking IT resources with critical business processes
  • Gap analysis tools to create paths between current and future architectures
  • Modeling and analysis tools to create a variety of master plans and transformation scenarios
  • A set of rich, automated reports for decision-makers

With MEGA IT Planning, EA stakeholders can understand and measure the impact of business or IT changes on the IT ecosystem. It helps IT strategists and planners, business analysts, solution architects, project managers, and decision makers who must manage business activities and the IT systems that support them.

The software now includes a set of predefined yet flexible master plans and provides planning synchronization, time-based views of architecture deployment compliance, financial perspectives within analysis, integration of city planning concepts, and new analysis reports with Gantt diagrams.

MEGA IT Planning is available now. More information is available at

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