Solix ExAPPS Appliance Simplifies Enterprise Application Retirement

Integrated server, storage, and software components bundled into single device

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Solix Technologies has launched Solix ExAPPS, an application retirement appliance that simplifies and reduces the cost of retiring legacy applications in the enterprise without sacrificing data preservation. A single Solix ExAPPS appliance can replace multiple physical servers, applications and storage in data centers or enterprises’ IT departments.

The Solix ExAPPs Application Retirement appliance is pre-built, pre-configured, and pre-tested with all necessary software and hardware components. Customers with a finite number of specific packaged and custom applications on distributed systems can use the appliance to automate repeatable process for multiple applications.

“Traditionally, application retirement has been addressed by customers as a systems integration initiative,” said Sai Gundavelli, CEO and founder of Solix Technologies. “We have developed Solix ExAPPS as a new deployment option because of the positive impact it can have on implementation times, costs, return on investment (ROI), and total cost of ownership (TCO).”

The Solix ExAPPS Appliance is an integrated set of server, storage, and software components -- database with massive compression capabilities (90 percent data compression), application server, and Solix EDMS Application Retirement engine with fast query and reporting tools -- all bundled into a single device.

Solix ExAPPS provides a complete hardware and software combination for application retirement and data preservation plug-and-play solution. Customers can plug Solix ExAPPS into a network port and power it up.

Once candidates for application retirement have been identified -- applications that are no longer in active use in production environment or where the modern set of applications are taking over -- all the customer has to do is point Solix ExAPPS at the first candidate application using a Web browser. After that Solix, ExAPPS will migrate all the application data including transactional business objects and reports, add application context to the legacy data, provide de-duplication, compression, and store in an immutable form in Solix ExAPPS. Once that is done, business users or IT can query and report on the legacy data using standard reporting tools that are used in enterprises. To meet compliance requirements, Solix ExAPPS makes the legacy data immutable to guarantee that the data cannot be modified.

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