Double-Take Cloud: Disaster Recovery Using Amazon Web Services

Double-Take Software’s system state replication engine creates full image of a server workload in the cloud for rapid recovery

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Double-Take Software has leveraged Amazon Web Services to create a real-time workload recovery platform, Double-Take Cloud, to protect businesses from disaster and keep companies up and running without any upfront costs. Double-Take Cloud leverages the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).

Traditional disaster recovery solutions are often reserved for those companies that can afford to build and manage a second data center, complete with back-up servers standing by in case of a disaster or outage -- a costly practice that requires significant resources. Other IT departments rely solely on the capabilities of local tape backup, also a time-consuming process with limited recovery capabilities.

Double-Take Cloud's approach to cloud disaster recovery creates efficiencies that enable customers of any size to keep a real- time copy of workload images and gain rapid recovery in the cloud. Double-Take Cloud is made possible by using Double-Take Software’s system state replication engine, allowing customers to recover their data, applications, and operating systems, and resume a workload from bare metal.

Customers can run their recovered workloads on the Amazon Web Services platform while restoring the original workload at their production site. This way, users can continue to access systems instead of potentially waiting days to get back to work.

Double-Take Cloud provides customers with disaster recovery technology and functionality without the investment of time, expertise, and up-front costs associated with building out a separate disaster recovery data center, and provides true cloud recovery, rather than simple on-line storage.

Double-Take Cloud:

  • Uses Double-Take Software’s system state replication engine so customers can rapidly recover their data, applications, and operating systems in the cloud with minimal technical expertise

  • Lets customers easily start recovery servers in the cloud

  • Allows customers to leverage extensive compute, network, and storage capacity from Amazon Web Services on an “as-needed” basis; customers pay only for the space and capacity they use

Does not require maintaining spare equipment and only relies on moderate technical skills

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