Tibco's Updated Predictive Analytics Software Extends Analysis to More Users

Latest release delivers a complete platform for predictive analytics to any business, technical, or scientific user

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TIBCO Software Inc. today launched TIBCO Spotfire 3.1, the latest version of its in-memory analytics platform making predictive analytics accessible within Spotfire’s visual user experience. Spotfire 3.1 responds faster than BI and more flexibly than spreadsheets, equipping everyone in the enterprise, no matter what their role, to easily analyze complex data and customize and share their results using mashups, portals, or interactive dashboards. TIBCO makes predictive analytics a mainstream feature of any business application, allowing any enterprise decision-maker to perform “what-if” scenarios on demand and find new insights in complex data instantly.

Spotfire 3.1 extends Spotfire’s visual data exploration and analysis features -- users now have more tools to explore, interact with, and present their data, with more flexibility and speed.

Unlike traditional BI or static spreadsheets, Spotfire 3.1 includes conditional coloring and lasso and axis marking that allow for better data analysis of patterns, clusters, and correlations among sets of variables. Its multiple scale bar charts and combination bar and line plots also allow for enhanced analysis of unstructured, "free-dimensional" data to identify key outliers and trends amongst the data.

Fully Integrated Advanced Analytics Supporting S+ & R

Spotfire 3.1 offers statistically-rigorous, predictive analysis to a wide range of enterprise professionals. Spotfire 3.easy integration of S+ or R statistical scripts and models into a fully interactive interface using the new TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services layer, which allows for the central deployment and execution of both S+ and R-based models that can then be accessed and run from a Spotfire client.

End users without statistical expertise can now leverage the power of predictive models to add confidence to their decisions. By fully integrating predictive analytics to the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform, Spotfire 3.1 helps business and technical professionals interact with data -- whether the data is at rest or in motion -- so they can make decisions that impact operations on a moment-to-moment basis.

Spotfire 3.1 also allows the user to bring the power of the widely-adopted R language to the Spotfire platform to perform advanced what-if analysis and sophisticated analytics. This opens up access to a huge array of freely-available statistical methods and makes them accessible and relevant for business professionals. By linking R analytics into the TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform, customers can take advantage of investments they’ve already made with R and make them available to the rest of the organization.

Spotfire 3.1 empowers non-IT, non-programmers to easily build powerful visual, interactive, event- and statistically-driven Spotfire Analytic Applications, enabling more pervasive and flexible use of sophisticated analysis for decision-making by everyday business users. New parameter-driven applications -- offered through new user interface controls -- put the power of creating sophisticated applications right in the hands of a Spotfire user.

Working in tandem with TIBCO Spotfire Application Data Services, Spotfire 3.1 also makes it possible to analyze data from various enterprise data sources, including SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP ERP, Salesforce.com, Siebel eBusiness Applications, and the Oracle E-Business Suite. This simplified integration -- coupled with new Web mashup application programming interfaces (APIs) -- enables richer and pervasive analytic application development. With Spotfire, the limitations that had often led IT to adopt multiple applications to satisfy the information needs of different user groups no longer apply.

TIBCO Spotfire 3.1 is available now. More information is available at http://spotfire.tibco.com/ContentCenter/Datasheets/Whats-New-3-1.aspx.

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