Bus-Tech, Inc.'s Updated Mainframe Data Library Improves Manageability, Performance

Products scale to satisfy requirements of any mainframe VTL environment

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Bus-Tech, Inc., a mainframe virtual tape library supplier, has released version 7 of its Mainframe Data Library (MDL), providing a combination of the latest Intel Server offering with release 7.0 of Bus-Tech's Virtuent virtual tape technology.

Key features of Virtuent 7.0, the engine common to all MDL models, include an enhanced library file system, new easy-to-use HTML-based configuration utilities, z/OS Master Console support, enhanced data encryption using RSA Key Manager, and phone-home capabilities.

The enhanced library file system simplifies configuration and administration functions, making it easier to add storage to the virtual tape library as needed and introduces storage classes, so customers can manage the overall cost and effectiveness of the VTL's storage.

z/OS Master Console support allows customers to configure their MDL to direct informational, warning, or error messages to a z/OS master console, allowing the mainframe operators to easily monitor the operation of their virtual tape library.

Operators can use the z/OS console to issue commands to the MDL to query the status and operate the library. Together the messaging and command capabilities of this new feature allow centralized operation of the MDL and eliminate the necessity of managing the MDL from a separate console.

The MDL now supports RSA's key management. An RSA client is pre-installed in each MDL. The customer can then include the MDL into their existing or new RSA Key Manager and enjoy the benefits of security from the premier provider of security solutions for data protection.

MDL version 7 uses a 64-bit operating system and is built on Intel SR2600 using Intel's latest XEON 5500 Quad-Core processor technology. The MDL-4000 and 6000 models support newer switching technology which will pave the way for the implementation of 10Gb Ethernet later this year.

More information is available at http://www.bustech.com/products/mdl-family.asp.

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