Viridity's EnergyCenter Monitors, Measures, and Manages Data Center Energy

Customers can better manage power availability, reduce risk of power outages

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Viridity Software has released its EnergyCenter data center energy monitoring, measurement, and management software that enables customers to better manage power availability and reduce the risk of power outages; discover additional hidden power, cooling, and space capacity; and meet sustainability and “green” data center goals.

The ability to measure data center energy consumption has become increasingly business critical due to rising energy costs coupled with increasing data center energy demands as IT infrastructures continue to grow; the need to fully optimize existing data center resources; and corporate “green/sustainability” initiatives. Factors such as the availability of energy efficiency rebates and concern over governmental energy regulations have also played a role. Until now, data center management executives have had very little, if any, visibility into IT equipment energy consumption. The available solutions have proven to be prohibitively expensive and far too complicated to deploy and effectively utilize.

With EnergyCenter, customers can measure energy consumption down to the IT device level, model each device’s utilization, and associate it with specific device’s business criticality. Once this information is collected, it is analyzed and displayed in a highly detailed actionable report.

Viridity EnergyCenter’s industry unique features and benefits include:

  • Energy Measurement: Accurate energy measurement, especially over current methodologies such as faceplate or fixed de-rating technologies lets customers eliminate wasteful margin when provisioning energy, as well as discover unknown hidden capacity.

  • Utilization Modeling: Actual utilization and business criticality is captured for each IT device. The corresponding energy consumption is then profiled at granular level. The captured correlation and the resulting report allows customers to quickly and easily identify opportunities for consolidation, as well as optimally plan for placement of new equipment.

  • Power Utilization Trending: Utilization and power consumption are calculated dynamically. This trending information helps customers identify underutilized IT equipment (i.e., orphans), make technology refresh decisions, and clearly map consumption to business needs and priorities.

  • Actionable Reports: Actionable reports are delivered to the customer within just a few hours of deployment (i.e., launching first discovery) providing insight across a wide range of capabilities. For customers, this means fast time-to-results and return-on-investment (ROI).

Viridity EnergyCenter software is immediately available, sold on an annual subscription basis and offered at an entry price of approximately $25K. More information is available at

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