HyTrust Appliance Version 2.0 Targets Virtualization Control

Adds policy federation, boot password vault, fully-indexed search

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HyTrust, Inc. has released HyTrust Appliance Version 2.0. Built specifically for enterprises that want to maximize their return on investment in virtualization but whose "virtual footprint" remains limited by a lack of visibility and control, HyTrust Appliance allows organizations to virtualize with controls for access, compliance, and accountability. The new version adds policy federation, full-index search, and root password vault to its list of features.

New features include:

  • Federated Deployment: A secure, distributed system architecture allows automated replication of policies and templates across multiple HyTrust Appliances and geographic boundaries; for larger enterprises with multiple data centers and collocation facilities, it ensures consistency of controls across the entire infrastructure
  • Root Password Vault: Locks down privileged host accounts and provides passwords for temporary use to enable time-limited privileged account access; all root account access is attributable to an individual and every action is logged, providing far greater visibility and accountability
  • Virtual Infrastructure Search: Supports massive scale deployments with accessibility to all virtual infrastructure objects, policies, and logs
  • Object Policy Labels: Creates a policy categorization structure similar to Web 2.0 tagging for virtual infrastructure objects; enables access, network segment, and zoning policies, allowing administrators to dictate which virtual machines are allowed to connect with which network segments or hosts via rule sets and constraints
  • Remote API: An interface to remotely access and automate HyTrust Appliance administration
  • Router-Mode: A deployment option that forces all virtualization management traffic to flow through the HyTrust Appliance, which acts as a router for the "protected" management subnet wherein, for example, ESX/ESXi hosts and vCenter Server would use HyTrust Appliance as the default gateway

Single Purpose, Single Point of Control

HyTrust Appliance was built to give customers a single point of control and visibility over their virtual infrastructure. The appliance provides capabilities for virtualization data centers to be "operationally ready." This includes:

  • Virtual Infrastructure Policy Management: Enables the creation of enforceable constraints within virtual infrastructure that may be applied directly to virtual machines, virtual switches, hosts, and other objects and map precisely to operational requirement
  • Unified Access Control: Enables highly granular access policies for consistent access control at the hypervisor-layer and a turnkey solution to ensure secure privileged account access
  • Hypervisor Hardening: Ability to proactively monitor and remediate VMware vSphere hosts based on pre-built or custom assessment frameworks, such as PCI DSS, C.I.S. Benchmark, and VMware best practices
  • Audit-quality Log Management: Provides granular, user-specific, virtual infrastructure access log records that can be used for regulatory compliance, troubleshooting, and forensic analysis.

Availability and Pricing

Three editions of HyTrust Appliance 2.0 are available now:

  • HyTrust Appliance Community Edition is a free full-featured version of the product downloadable from the Web that can support up to three hosts
  • HyTrust Appliance Standard Edition supports an unlimited number of hosts and is licensed on a per-host basis ($500 per socket) ·
  • HyTrust Appliance Enterprise Edition supports an unlimited number of hosts, federation of multiple HyTrust Appliances, privileged account management via root password vault, two-factor authentication, a remote API, and is licensed on a per-host basis ($750 per socket)

For more information, visit www.hytrust.com.

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