Nimsoft On Demand Delivers Unified Monitoring via SaaS

Cloud-based IT management helps enterprises implement unified monitoring

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Nimsoft has released Nimsoft On Demand, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) unified monitoring solution that delivers on-demand enterprise IT monitoring that maintains visibility into business-critical IT infrastructure -- including both internal assets and those in the cloud -- without having to purchase, administer, or deploy monitoring hardware and software on premises.

Nimsoft On Demand is built on the technology of the Nimsoft Monitoring Solution (NMS), which provides broad, scalable, extensible, and rapidly deployable IT monitoring in a single product. It enables customers to implement NMS Unified Monitoring capabilities under an adaptable subscription model, allowing them to pay only for the level of monitoring they require at any given time.

Nimsoft On Demand monitors external IT resources, including SaaS applications (such as and Google Apps) and infrastructure cloud services (such as Rackspace Cloud, Amazon Web Services, Terramark, and BlueLock). It also monitors internal resources including Microsoft Exchange servers and virtualized data centers powered by VMware and Citrix.

To begin using Nimsoft On Demand, customers request a trial online (, then log in. Nimsoft On Demand then provides IT departments with visibility into their internal data center and cloud infrastructure. Organizations can start using Nimsoft on Demand soon after signing up for production use.

In addition to appealing to emerging enterprises seeking to minimize fixed technology overhead costs, Nimsoft On Demand offers strong value to managed service providers that need to quickly and cost-effectively respond to the growing market demand for outsourced IT management.

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