Colligo Networks Launches Version 4.1 of its Contributor for SharePoint Product Line

New release provides Sharepoint 2010 compatibility and a host of new features

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Colligo Networks Inc. announced the launch of Version 4.1 of its Contributor for SharePoint product line -- a family of client applications that improve the SharePoint user experience and increase SharePoint adoption throughout the enterprise. The new version provides SharePoint 2010 compatibility and significantly extends the enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities of SharePoint through support for client-side e-mail management, enterprise managed metadata, and support for several new enterprise deployment and configuration options, including Terminal Server.

According to Barry Jinks, founder and CEO of Colligo Networks. “Colligo is focused on helping organizations increase the adoption of SharePoint for ECM by ensuring that users can easily access, capture, and tag SharePoint content from the applications they use constantly, like Outlook." The release adds support for new SharePoint 2010 features such as managed metadata. It includes extensive configuration options and can cache SharePoint content and structure in a terminal server environment.

In addition to performance enhancements across all Contributor products, new feature and functionality include:

SharePoint 2010 Compatibility: Contributor supports SharePoint 2010 sites in addition to WSS, SPS 2003, and MOSS 2007 sites. Content management features include syncing libraries and lists; creating, updating, and deleting content; check in/out; editing metadata properties; and uploading e-mails with metadata extraction.

Enterprise Managed Metadata and Term Stores: Contributor supports SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Managed Metadata and presents managed metadata columns in views, enabling filtering and sorting. In addition, online terms can be set and updated using a new term selector in the metadata editor. Term stores are accessed and retrieved directly from the server as required.

E-mail Send & File: Users can now easily save an e-mail to SharePoint while sending it from Outlook. Using the new Send & File button, users simply double-click a SharePoint folder and a copy of the e-mail is then uploaded to SharePoint. The customizable Filing Advisor even suggests filing locations based on recently used folders, recent e-mail threads, or enables users to choose any Colligo for SharePoint folder.

Copy Outlook Folders: With Version 4.1, users can easily copy Outlook folders (including all content and sub-folders) to any Colligo for SharePoint folder. A corresponding folder tree is created in SharePoint. E-mails are imported as .msg files and all e-mail metadata is captured. The result is improved search/findability, collaboration, and retention.

Metadata Capture During File/Save As: With Version 4.1, users are prompted for content type and associated metadata when using File/Save As to store a file into a SharePoint folder that has been cached using Colligo Contributor. These folders are available under the Colligo for SharePoint root folder in any application using the standard Windows Explorer navigation tree. This provides a method for files saved from any application (including MS Visio, CAD programs, etc.) to be stored in SharePoint along with associated metadata.

Contributor Configuration Editor: The Configuration Editor is a new tool that streamlines the management of registry settings (which modifies Contributor operations and features). The tool can be found under the Colligo Contributor program group in the Windows launch bar. It provides information on the settings, their purpose, and possible values.

Terminal Server Support: Contributor can now be used within terminal server environments, where users work from multiple computers. With Version 4.1, the Contributor cache is located on a network storage location, so users can log in to any computer with Contributor installed to both access their synced content and to add new content.

Synchronization Performance Enhanced: With Version 4.1, synchronization is notably faster. Colligo has made a number of optimizations to the processing and synchronization of content between SharePoint and Contributor to accelerate performance.

Spanish (Castilian) and Spanish (Mexican) Localization: Version 4.1 now supports Spanish languages, adding to the previously supported English, French, and German. The languages are automatically selected to match the language of the underlying Microsoft Windows operating system installation.

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