Compuware Uniface Launches Web 2.0 Development Tool for Rich Internet, Mobile Applications

Uniface 9.4 enables enterprises to meet increasing demand for productively developing complex, secure, global Web 2.0 applications, deployable on any platform

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Uniface, the application development division of Compuware Corporation, has announced the availability of Uniface 9.4 -- enabling a very short time to market for rich Internet and mobile applications.

The latest Uniface platform allows existing development teams to build Web 2.0 applications at a higher level of abstraction while requiring only one-half to one-eighth the lines of code needed by equivalent Java or .NET implementations.

Version 9.4 provides support for multi-channel deployment (including a wide range of mobile devices), as well as support for mash-ups, SOA, and business process orchestration. With Uniface 9.4, the Rich Internet Application (RIA) approach is fully integrated using the Dojo toolkit to deliver efficient AJAX out-of-the-box. Although Uniface has always supported the renewal of applications, with Uniface 9.4 there is a new focus on Legacy Modernization, especially around the addition of localization and encryption.

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