Updated Project Insight Project Management Software Features Intelligent Custom Items

Administrators can create intelligent custom items with assigned-to field

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Project Insight, a Web-based project management software solution for midsize companies, has been updated. Version 8.3 allows Project Insight administrators to create intelligent custom items with an "assigned to" field that pulls from the list of users in the software, giving project team members using a custom item or form the ability to select multiple users to be assigned to one item. Project Insight helps teams to collaborate by sharing documents and project schedules, manage resources' workloads and run real-time reports through the Web from any location.

The improvements to the custom items come with a workflow and can automatically route alerts on the intelligent custom items to each team member assigned to the item. When users are added to a custom item, they will receive an auto alert, letting them know about the assignment. The alerts will also be triggered when the item is added, edited or if a user is removed from the item.

Project Insight version 8.3 also includes the ability to set custom items as open or closed. Users can assign numbers to custom items automatically. The release also improves performance in custom item reports and reports with custom item fields

Project Insight 8.3 is available in three editions for flexible, scalable project management, including hosted Workgroup, Professional, and Enterprise. An on-premise or installed option is available with the Enterprise edition. An installed edition and requires Microsoft Windows 2003 Server running IIS 6.0+ and Microsoft SQL Server 2005 or 2008. The Web-based software is targeted to experienced project managers who need a powerful feature set, yet want a solution that is easy for project team members to learn and adopt. Project Insight has performed software development since 1996 for its clients in the information technology, healthcare, manufacturing, financial, advertising, and other industries.

More information is available at www.projectinsight.com.

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