Xangati Survey Reveals Operational Issues Slowing Server Virtualization Growth

Uncooperative application owners, low confidence in virtualization management tools cited for slow growth

Results of Xangati’s server virtualization survey of more than 750 IT executives and virtualization experts found that half of users agreed that “application owners are responsible for slowing down their rate of server virtualization.” Perhaps more surprising, 82 percent didn’t believe they had the tools “to confidently ensure the performance of virtualized mission-critical business applications.”

Furthermore, nearly four in five of those who run their organization’s virtualization infrastructure said they have no metrics to help them.

Additionally, the survey found three-quarters of survey respondents would allocate funds for management tools “that accelerate virtualization of line-of-business applications,” but three-quarters also said that getting approval from the LOB application owners is very challenging, challenging, or somewhat challenging.

“There are typically two things that stand in the way of any major change -- politics and the status quo -- and the results of our most recent server virtualization survey mirror that sentiment,” said Alan Robin, CEO of Xangati, in a company statement. “The challenge is that the more mission-critical the application, the more resistance exists to disrupt the status quo. So, once the more basic applications are virtualized, then the rate of virtualization often drops substantially.”

The survey also found that almost one-third (32 percent) of respondents had “no process for selling application owners on virtualization.” Those that did have processes said they presented “the high-availability and disaster-recovery functionality of VMware” (more than 44 percent) and shared a “success story of an application already virtualized” (over 27 percent).

The full survey results are available at

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