Liquidware Labs Stratusphere v4.6 Released

New agentless design gathers data without installing desktop software

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Liquidware Labs, provider of assessment, migration, and user experience management for desktops, has released Stratusphere v4.6 with a new agentless desktop monitoring design, a user-experience calibration feature, and a one-click proof-of-concept (POC) validation report for planning and implementing next generation desktops such as Citrix XenDesktop and VMware View.

Stratusphere provides organizations moving to VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) decision support data to develop a clear path forward. Stratusphere Fit is first used to perform a full assessment on an organization's desktop infrastructure. The solution gathers usage data and metrics at all integral levels -- from the desktop and the network to the data center and the SAN. Stratusphere UX (User Experience) then goes to work immediately after a migration by using similar metrics to ensure that an optimum desktop experience is being delivered to users. The solution has built-in alert mechanisms to inform appropriate teams when performance of any integral part of the infrastructure falls below a specified threshold.

Stratusphere v4.6 now gathers metrics from desktops with a unique agentless approach through a centralized network loadable module. To get started with an assessment, the administrator applies the Stratusphere module to selected users through a Microsoft Group Policy Setting. Stratusphere then runs silently on the chosen desktops, gathering usage data and performance metrics for later reporting and trending analysis. The solution is automatically accessed over the network without the need to install software on any client PC or virtual desktop. The Stratusphere module can be set to dissolve after a specific date or can be turned off by deleting the Group Policy setting. A standalone agent remains available to support laptop and mobile users.

A new user experience baseline feature named Stratusphere UX Calibration has also been added in v4.6. Once Stratusphere UX gathers initial usage and infrastructure metrics, the solution reports the status of the user experience as good, fair, or poor based on Stratusphere's analysis of pre-populated thresholds. The administrator can then customize these thresholds, if desired, and can then use the calibration feature to set metrics of a known good user experience with a single click. If the user experience falls below the calibrated values, proper support teams can be automatically notified before negative trends impact users.

Other notable features include numerous report additions and a Desktop 360 diagnostics view in Stratusphere UX which offers administrators the ability to see all key data on machine/network/ host/SAN on a single pane of glass.

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