Up.time Updates Cloud Monitoring Tool

Adds functionality, improves speed and installation

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Up.time software, Inc. has released a new version of its up.time product that gives mid-enterprise IT departments the ability to conduct deep monitoring for services, applications, servers, and platforms across multiple datacenters with a single tool.

The new release of up.time includes these features:

  • Deep monitoring for mid-enterprises

  • Ability to download and install in less than 15 minutes; full deployment in as little as one day

  • No external resources required to deploy

  • Netflow monitoring

  • Simple management of virtual, physical, and cloud environments with a single tool

  • Identify virtualization candidates, ensuring end-user performance, and optimizing VM density

  • Ability to monitor a wide range of platforms including Windows, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Linux, and VMware

  • Monitor thousands of servers across multiple data centers with "single pane of glass" visibility into performance and availability

Users can experiment with the public cloud -- up.time monitors Amazon EC2. Users can also ensure service levels with proactive issue avoidance and automated healing. SLA monitoring and reporting is also supported.

To learn more about uptime software, visit http://www.uptimesoftware.com.

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