RainStor 4 Addresses Big Data Retention, Retrieval for Compliance and Data Governance

New capabilities provide control over historical data records and query performance

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RainStor, an infrastructure software company, recently announced the availability of RainStor version 4. This new version is designed to provide greater control over information in the repository for organizations in industries with stringent compliance regulations and high standards of data governance.

Key benefits of RainStor 4 include:

  • Data Management: RainStor provides control over the ability to manage historical information retained within the repository...New features in RainStor 4 include record level expiry, legal hold by record, automatic deletion of records based on business rules and the ability to group and tag records for efficient future discovery.

  • Access to Data Ingestion and Query: RainStor 4 can ingest very large data sets and enables users the ability to run queries against stored information using SQL query or a wide range of packaged BI and reporting solutions.

  • Extended Platform Support: RainStor supports a wide range of hardware and OS platforms and has added IBM AIX and Windows x86.

For more information, visit www.rainstor.com.

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