Colligo Networks Launches Version 4.2 of Contributor for SharePoint Product Line

New release provides support for Microsoft Office/Outlook 2010 and new SharePoint 2010 ECM features

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Colligo Networks Inc. has launched of Version 4.2 of its Contributor for SharePoint product line -- a family of client applications that increase SharePoint adoption throughout enterprises. The new version provides Microsoft Office/Outlook 2010 compatibility along with support for new SharePoint 2010 enterprise content management (ECM) features including keyword metadata, document sets, and in-place records management.

New features and functionality of Version 4.2 include:

  • Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 ready: Contributor V4.2 is now compatible with Microsoft Office 2010 installations. Contributor Pro, Add-In, and Uploader customers can now take full advantage of Outlook 2010 in their organizations (note: V4.2 still supports Outlook 2003 and 2007).

  • Keyword Metadata: Version 4.2 now supports the use of Keyword Metadata fields, allowing user-created folksonomies to be accessible via the Colligo metadata editor. Users can set, edit, and modify terms from term stores on the server through a type-ahead interface from the Colligo Term selector. Contributor retrieves potential term matches from the server and lets the users select the desired term. Selected metadata terms can then be used in filters and views to present items in a structure format.

  • In-place records management: In-place records management is a feature that restricts the use of items stored in SharePoint, without first moving them to a special storage location. Contributor V4.2 identifies in-place records using a special icon and respects the server restrictions on deleting and updating of declared records.

  • Documents sets: Documents sets are groups of items that are associated through a relationship, allowing them to be managed and controlled as a group. Contributor V4.2 downloads existing documents sets from the server and identifies them with a special icon. Document set items can be viewed, modified, added, or deleted from within Colligo Contributor V4.2.

  • Synchronization performance optimization: A number of optimizations to the processing and synchronization of content with the Contributor SQL database are included to accelerate synchronization and increase overall performance.

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