Quantivo 4 Enables One-step Query Analysis to Behavioral Marketing

Complex queries made simple deliver instant behavioral analysis across channels, data sources, time

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Quantivo, an on-demand behavioral analytics vendor, has announced that Quantivo 4 now includes innovative one-step query analysis capabilities. Marketers can conduct behavioral analysis using an unlimited number of attributes across any combination of channels, data sources, and time dimensions all within a single query. This highly targeted approach to analytics gives marketers and advertisers the ability to instantly understand customer behavior trends at any level, identify market opportunities, and execute more effective and profitable campaigns.

“Quickly finding and then honing in on relevant attributes that are indicators of future customer behavior is at the core of modern marketing,” said Brian Kelly, CEO of Quantivo. He noted that marketers can quickly identify opportunities based on multi-faceted patterns of customer behavior, adding that it is simple to build a target list of actual customers who, for example, visit at least twice a month, viewed Web content X and Y, purchased product A but not product B, or have not responded to a campaign within the last 30 days.

The new advanced analytic capabilities in Quantivo 4 include:

  • Precision behavioral targeting: Quantivo 4 users can query customer data by combining any set of attributes within the same dimension. The types of attributes are unlimited and can combine traditional demographics such as age, gender and location with behavioral attributes such as web pages viewed, products purchased, frequency of visits, promotion or campaign response and date of last activity. If metadata exists, attributes across dimensions can also be combined to make more powerful queries. Marketers can also analyze behavior with a defined date range or with an open-ended date range, such as behavior that occurred anytime before or after a specific date.

  • Line-item contribution analysis: Understanding a specific line-item’s contribution to the total is now easily available across any dimension. For example, understanding individual products’ contributions to total market basket size, or the number of minutes spent on a particular page in relation to total session times, is now easy to add to any results.

  • Enhanced statistical analysis: Quantivo 4 provides the ability to view behavioral data from multiple statistical perspectives directly in the results. In addition to the standard aggregations, new capabilities now enable additional statistical measures for even faster identification of valuable opportunities.

More information is available at www.quantivo.com/products/quantivo4.php.

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