Quest Freeware Centrally Manages Unix/Linux/Mac Users, Groups community offers download of Quest Identity Manager for Unix systems

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Quest Software, Inc. has launched Quest Identity Manager for Unix as a freeware product to streamline the management of local Unix/Linux/ Mac users and groups. It reports on key identity and group information across Unix/Linux systems and assess the readiness of systems for advanced functionality such as Active Directory bridge technologies.

Benefits of Identity Manager for Unix include:

  • Local User and Group Management: Enables administrators to use the same tool to manage all Unix account information regardless of its location. It also creates new user accounts for multiple Unix systems from a single, centralized console, deletes terminated accounts across multiple Unix systems from a single, centralized console and resets passwords centrally across an entire population of Unix systems

  • Reporting: Provides auditors with granular reports on Unix identity information, including all local accounts associated with a single user, all members of specific Unix groups, etc.

  • Migration and Deployment: Provides a bird's eye view of all local Unix accounts and system parameters, enabling administrators to determine which systems are ready for advanced functionality offered by Active Directory bridge technologies such as Quest Authentication Services.

  • Web Console: The Web-based console ties identity related tasks together for a centralized point of management that can be run from any Unix, Linux, Windows or Mac platform and any of the most common browsers.

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