Hitachi ID Systems Updates Password Manager

Version 7.0 of authentication management solution includes connectors to on-premise and cloud-based applications

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Hitachi ID Systems, Inc. has released Password Manager 7.0, an authentication management platform that can manage all authentication factors employed by a corporate user.

Hitachi ID Password Manager (formerly P-Synch) 7.0 is a major retooling of the application and leverages Hitachi ID Systems' latest identity management technology platform, with a SQL Server or Oracle back-end, a real-time data replication service, high-performance data updates via stored procedures, and Unicode support.

Password Manager 7.0 includes telephone-based password and PIN reset (Hitachi ID Telephone Password Manager) and enterprise single sign-on (Hitachi ID Login Manager) in the base product and price.

According to Idan Shoham, Hitachi ID Systems CTO, the company “added capabilities to support one-stop management of all of a user's authentication factors -- passwords, security questions, OTP tokens, smart cards, voice biometrics, [and] hard disk encryption keys.”

Password Manager 7.0 introduces a series of significant new features:

  • Authentication chains, supporting context-sensitive and multi-step processes for validating user identity, such protecting extranet-facing deployments against attack by robots using CAPTCHAs and leveraging mobile phones as an authentication factor.

  • User classes for flexible delegation of security rights, suited to, for example, regional help desks with local authority to reset passwords and managers who need to to reset passwords for their (direct or indirect) subordinates.

  • A password synchronization service on Windows servers minimizes the code running in the operating system kernel and supports advanced features such as user filtering and a retry queue.

  • Enhancements to the managed user enrollment system, enabling large organizations to control the pace at which users are invited to complete their profiles.

  • Many new reports including tracking user profiles and login accounts, orphan and dormant accounts, and enrollment progress.

  • Official support for Windows 7 clients, including 64-bit versions.

Password Manager ships with connectors for over 100 types of systems and applications including common on-premises systems such as Active Directory and SAP and cloud-hosted systems such as Google Applications and WebEx. It also includes integrations with the Windows login process, 10 types of help desk incident management applications, e-mail systems, full disk encryption products and more.

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