Bus-Tech Enhances Mainframe VTL for Small, Midsize Tape Environments

MDL-100S doubles capacity, adds new features

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Bus-Tech, Inc., a supplier of data center connectivity products, has made significant updates to its Mainframe Data Library (MDL) model 100S. The MDL-100S provides mainframe virtual tape library (VTL) functionality to small to midsize mainframe environments; it boasts self-contained storage and multiple data protection options that provide a complete and affordable turnkey solution for mainframe tape replacement.

Storage capacity of the MDL-100S was doubled to 9 TB of usable RAID storage. The updated MDL-100S implements the new features of Virtuent release 7 - z/OS master console support, phone-home capabilities, and encryption with RSA key management support.

The MDL-100S is built on the technology of the MDL product family and the Virtuent software engine. Assuming a 3-to-1 compression ratio the MDL-100S presents over 25 TB of storage for tape data. This is the equivalent of over 12,500 fully-utilized 3490E cartridges.

For disaster recovery purposes, Virtuent Replicator provides scheduled or mainframe-initiated asynchronous replication to secondary and tertiary sites via Internet Protocol while Virtuent Tape Backup gives users the option to backup the internal disks to IBM LTO-4 tape autoloader.

The Mainframe Data Library (MDL) is a modular, scalable family of VTL controllers for IBM, IBM-compatible, and Fujitsu mainframes. An MDL solution provides enterprise data centers with lower tape processing costs, improved end-user service levels, and disaster recovery alternatives for the mainframe environment. The MDL uses distributed system disk storage to store and retrieve tape data. The result is a solution that incorporates the advantages of distributed system storage and networking technologies into the mainframe data center.

The MDL-100S is available in either FICON or ESCON configurations and emulates up to 32 tape drives (3480/90 and 3590) on the mainframe. Pricing for the MDL-100S starts at $37,500 and is available immediately.

Additional information can be found at www.bustech.com.

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