Onesign 4.5 Solves Workflow, Security Challenges in Windows 7 Environment

OneSign Secure Walk-Away feature uses intelligent computer vision technology to secure unattended desktops

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Imprivata, Inc. has released Imprivata OneSign 4.5, featuring OneSign Secure Walk-Away, strong authentication for Citrix and RDP sessions, enhanced support for virtualized desktops, and FIPS 140-2 compliance. This release solves the critical workflow and security challenges organizations face by strengthening user authentication, streamlining application access, and simplifying compliance reporting.

OneSign 4.5 delivers enhancements to many of the existing features and introduces new features that change the way organizations think about secure access to applications.

Automatic Desktop Locking via OneSign Secure Walk-Away uses intelligent computer vision technology with active presence detection to secure unattended desktops without changing end-user behavior. This removes the security burden from the user and reduces the time and frustration associated with logging on/off of applications. Secure Walk-Away is particularly useful in health care, where clinicians who constantly log on/off of electronic medical records (EMR) and other applications are now free to focus on improving patient care rather than IT security.

One-touch Roaming and Location Awareness enables desktops to follow users throughout the organization, making the electronic data they need available to them wherever they are with just the touch of a finger or the tap of a proximity card. Imprivata OneSign can be configured to be fully location aware, meaning application, default printer, and user privileges are configured dynamically based on the particular workstation being accessed by the user. Imprivata OneSign complements desktop virtualization from VMware View and Oracle Sun Ray by adding the capabilities to enable secure roaming including strong authentication, single sign-on (SSO), session management and location-aware desktop personalization and customization.

Transparent Screen Locking secures a computer desktop from unauthorized access while maintaining the desktop/applications’ visibility for monitoring purposes. This feature is critical to health care, where particular sessions must be locked while patient status remains visible to care givers.

Enhanced Transaction-based Authentication supports additional workflows through OneSign ProveID, Imprivata’s feature used by leading EMR vendors for ePrescribing.

Fingerprint Identification enhancements enable scalability to accommodate the largest organizations.

The OneSign Virtual Appliance is a self contained software implementation of the OneSign server that is functionally equivalent to the hardware appliance. OneSign virtual appliances are formatted using the industry standard Open Virtualization Format (OVF). Heterogeneous enterprises can be deployed with both virtual and hardware OneSign Appliances.

FIPS 140-2 compliance and Windows 7 support has also been added.

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