Vision Solutions, Inc. Releases MIMIX Availability 7 for IBM i

Upgrade includes updated graphical interface and flexible, automated operations

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Vision Solutions, Inc. has released MIMIX Availability 7. With features that minimize administration and ensure data integrity, MIMIX Availability 7 enhances Power Systems with disaster recovery and high availability by replicating production environments to a backup server in real time with no data loss. This backup server can be used for disaster recovery or high availability (HA) and switch roles to become the production server when needed.

The new MIMIX Availability 7 leverages Vision Solutions' OMS/ODS (formerly ORION Solutions HA) and MIMIX HA offerings to extend its leadership in the IBM i high availability and disaster recovery market.

The product offers a new graphical interface called the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP). This new browser-based interface provides users with a customized view of their MIMIX Availability 7 environment for enhanced monitoring, management, and control.

The product update now includes automated IBM i system optimization, which includes system optimization as a core part of its offering.

MIMIX Availability 7 also has enhanced operational management capabilities. In addition to automating and improving common operations, users can now create additional customized procedures for critical operations.

The new MIMIX Global offering, as part of the MIMIX Availability 7 release, simplifies and automates the monitoring and switching of MIMIX and Hybrid clusters and provides fully integrated control of multi-node, multi-technology high availability environments from a single management interface.

Product Highlights

  • New User Interface: The new browser-based interface allows multi-product monitoring and control. Built on an industry-standard portal architecture, the Vision Solutions Portal (VSP) enables user selected portlets to be arranged to provide a customized view of the MIMIX Availability 7 environment for monitoring, management, and control. The VSP allows multiple HA environment monitoring, single button switch control, and problem resolution capabilities.

  • Automated System Optimization: With the added system optimization features, MIMIX customers will experience a more optimized high availability environment through storage utilization, application and batch performance, and faster backup operations.

  • Improved Operations Management: The framework used to enable the new switch operations also provides the ability for the customer to create additional customized procedures for other important operations. This framework provides granularity in terms of tracking and reporting so customers have a better insight into what is going on in their HA environment.

  • Enhanced Switch Architecture: The new version of MIMIX Availability 7 has enhancements in switch (role-swap) operations. The MIMIX Switch Assistant feature has been extended to include a procedural-based Switch Framework. This provides a fully automated switch process.MIMIX Availability 7 now comes pre-configured with a robust set of procedures which can be customized and enhanced. Common MIMIX operations such as planned switch, unplanned switch, end application group replication, switch pre-check, end target processes, and start application group replication are automatically set up for the environment by application group.

  • Application Group Support: User can now consolidate multiple data groups under a single application group, enabling them to switch multiple data groups with a single command.

  • Reporting Enhancements: With new historical reporting for all objects and improved reporting on the history of switch operations, users will have access to analysis of trends over time, improved audit reporting, and have the ability to use the information to optimize their switching, audits and other operations.

  • MIMIX Global: The new MIMIX Global offering greatly simplifies and automates the monitoring and switching of MIMIX and Hybrid clusters. Leveraging the IBM i cluster node management, monitoring and switching features, MIMIX Global delivers fully integrated control of multi-node, multi-technology high availability environments from a single management interface. Included in the product is Sysbas Protection, providing replication of objects and applications that the customer is not able to migrate into an IASP or otherwise replicate in a switchable IASP based solution.

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