TwinStrata Introduces Cloud Storage Appliance

CloudArray software now available as, pre-configured physical appliance.optimized for data protection

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TwinStrata, Inc. has released its CloudArray product as an appliance. The company's new SAN appliance offers all the features and benefits of its CloudArray software in a pre-configured, performance-optimized package that can be installed in any data center or colocation facility.

The CloudArray SAN appliance joins the CloudArray virtual appliance to enable a family of cloud storage data protection products that provide software, hardware, or mixed deployments, both on-premise and in the cloud. CloudArray is an enterprise-class data protection solution that enables organizations to create data protection and disaster recovery plans that include online remote storage for backups, archives, and critical business data. In the event of a disruption or outage, the data can be restored on-site, off-site, or in the cloud. CloudArray integrates existing applications to the storage cloud while providing application accessibility.

The CloudArray SAN Appliance is packaged in a 2U rack mountable enclosure and is available in two configurations: Model 1 is equipped with 8TB raw/6TB of configured RAID 5 storage for local copies and cache, along with two 1Gigabit Ethernet ports. Model 2 can be configured with 16TB raw/12TB of Raid 6 storage, as well as either four 1Gigabit Ethernet ports or two 1Gigabit Ethernet ports and one 10Gigabit Ethernet port.

Key features and benefits of the CloudArray appliance include:

  • Simple Installation and Setup: The CloudArray SAN appliance is fully pre-configured for deployment and use.

  • Integration with Applications, Physical, and Virtual Servers: CloudArray enables businesses to integrate existing business applications to cloud storage without any changes to applications or programming of cloud provider APIs.CloudArray supports applications running on both physical and virtual servers.

  • Flexible Storage Configurations: CloudArray volume policies for caching and replication allow data to be cached locally for access and replicated to cloud storage for high availability. CloudArray provides zero-footprint data snapshot services in the cloud for point-in-time copies for rollback, test, development, data analytics, and for other applications. CloudArray volumes can be configured to be partially cached or up to 100 percent cached, depending upon the application. The latter option allows for consistent copies of volumes in two separate locations; local to the organization's data center and in the cloud.

  • Data Availability and Security: For increased data protection and to ensure high data availability, the CloudArray SAN appliance offers data copy policies that replicate data across local storage and a variety of third party storage cloud providers. CloudArray also enables replication between service providers. CloudArray compresses and encrypts data prior to transporting it to public cloud storage to ensure data security and privacy. CloudArray leverages the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), adopted by the U.S. government and also used to secure top secret information.

The CloudArray SAN appliance is priced starting at $14,995.

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