Morphlabs Enables Mission-Critical Deployments over the Public Cloud

mCloud On-Demand leverages Amazon EC2 to deliver enterprise-cloud architecture.

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Morphlabs released a new cloud management platform -- mCloud On-Demand -- with an operational management environment that leverages Amazon's EC2 cloud service to deliver enterprise-class applications over the public cloud. Amazon Web Services (AWS) and its leading product, EC2, provide resizable compute capacity in the public cloud for companies of all sizes.

Morphlabs has been developing scalable solutions using the Amazon platform since 2007. Clouds built using ECA are reliable, automated, elastic and portable.

Additional features of mCloud On-Demand include:

  • Graphical cloud design: mCloud On-Demand features a drag-and-drop interface and provides ready-made server templates for Ruby, PHP, Java, MySQL, and PostgreSQL

  • Simplified application deployment: mCloud On-Demand shortens the application deployment process and automatically distributes the application into different zones to increase reliability

  • Management dashboard: mCloud On-Demand's Dashboard lets users visualize the health of clouds, virtual machines, and applications in a single glance

  • Self-healing and failover: When a virtual machine or application fails, mCloud On-Demand automatically restores it without any human intervention to ensure uninterrupted access; in addition, both data and applications are backed up continuously

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