New Dell KACE Deployment Appliance Accelerates Windows 7 Migrations

Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliances allow IT organizations to automate, track, and manage Windows 7 migrations.

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Dell KACE announced its latest Dell KACE K2000 Deployment Appliance release, bringing Windows 7 deployment and user migration technology to IT organizations of all sizes at a time when many are faced with moving from the Microsoft Windows XP to the Windows 7 operating system (OS). Enhancements to the Dell KACE appliance accelerate Windows 7 migrations and reduce manual procedures.

The new Dell KACE appliance tackles many of the pain points that come with Windows 7 migration, from determining hardware and driver compatibility to backing up and transferring end-user data.

To address Windows 7 migration challenges, the new K2000 Deployment Appliance introduces:

  • Policy-based user-state migration that enables IT managers to migrate end-user documents and settings while enforcing compliance standards.

  • Continuous driver feed updates from Dell KACE that automatically download new drivers for Windows 7 and other operating systems, organized by computer model.

  • Image deployments resulting from new K-image hard-link optimizations.

Available now, pricing starts at $4,500 and includes the first 100 nodes. Flat per-appliance and educational pricing is also available.

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