New SnapCenter Integration Control Center Released, SnapLogic Server Enhanced

New clustered integration environment brings scale, connectivity to enterprises in the cloud and on-premise

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SnapLogic has released its new SnapCenter enterprise integration control center and has improved the performance and scalability of its SnapLogic Server 3.1. To products help enterprises address their integration needs as they tackle "big data" problems driven by the adoption of cloud computing and mobile, distributed architectures.

SnapCenter provides centralized overview and control across clustered SnapLogic Servers, multiple data pipelines, and connections across associated applications and data sources. SnapLogic Server’s integration engine and platform services address the complex task of integrating applications whether on premise or in the cloud.

The introduction of SnapCenter provides a central command center for enterprises to build, deploy, manage, and visualize the complex data flow through their integrated applications. It features a Web 2.0 interface and lets users control SnapLogic data pipelines with drill-down intelligence across the SnapLogic Server cluster, down to individual data connections. The product displays performance and utilization levels for integration pipelines and servers, letting users quickly identify the root causes of pipeline failure across their enterprise architecture.

SnapLogic Server has also been improved. Version 3.1 features include:

  • Improved performance in complex data transfer and transformation tasks

  • LDAP support, easing integration with enterprise infrastructure

  • Improved security from Snap level sandboxing to native SSL support

  • Several new platform services, from predictive field level mapping and robust connectivity to cloud applications (including automatic retry and error handling) and automatic discovery and configuration of applications and data sources

SnapLogic’s solutions help enterprises connect any combination of applications while improving cost and performance using SnapLogic Snaps (application-specific connectors that can be downloaded from the companies online story). Going beyond traditional ETL and EAI tools to provide a unified integration platform for cloud as well as on-premise applications, SnapLogic solutions are based on a RESTful architecture that does not require special hardware or contain software agents that can hamper system performance. SnapLogic helps reduce potential vendor lock-in by providing open, extensible solutions for all software, applications, and infrastructure. SnapLogic is funded by leading venture investors,

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