Workload Replay Feature Added to Database Performance Test Tool

Benchmark Factory for Databases simplifies testing, safeguards database performance

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Quest Software, Inc. has added a wizard-based workload replay feature to its database performance testing tool, Benchmark Factory for Databases, giving DBAs a flexible and low-cost alternative to Oracle Real Application Testing. In addition to its scalability and industry-standard benchmark testing capabilities, users can more easily capture production workload and replay it in a testing environment.

“Workload capture and replay is the only truly reliable testing method,” noted Bert Scalzo, domain expert and Oracle ACE at Quest Software. “Gone are the days when DBAs have to choose between either a cost-prohibitive performance testing tool or rolling the dice and hoping for the best when incurring changes to an organization’s databases.”

Unavoidable database changes such as patches and upgrades, operating system migrations, and adjustments to virtual machine configurations can significantly impact the performance of a database. To accurately anticipate and measure the affects of these changes, DBAs previously had to perform overly complex, manual, or expensive processes. Many times they resorted to a “cross-your-fingers” approach, leaving database performance to chance. Benchmark Factory offers a simplified, wizard-driven workflow, helping DBAs make changes with confidence and providing reportable metrics to validate performance and scalability improvements.

Benchmark Factory gives DBAs more flexibility and customization by giving them the option to capture isolated workload, instead of the entire database workload. Users also have the unique ability to run “what-if” scenarios to determine how a single variation, such as user load, will affect a real transaction.

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