MindTree’s Geospatial Solution Features Interactive Data Rendering

New RUBIC Gaze framework enables organizations to overlay business data on maps, interactively measure and analyze regional performance.

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MindTree Ltd. has released RUBIC (Re-Usable Business Intelligence Components) Gaze, intuitive business intelligence framework that enables rendering of data on top of live maps, including Google and Bing, for interactive data visualization.  The solution provides actionable geospatial intelligence that empowers geographically distributed organizations to cost-effectively analyze regional performance and optimize their localized business strategies.

RUBIC Gaze addresses BI visualization challenges such as integration of business data onto maps, navigational issues, and complexity of analysis. Its “drill up” and “drill down” features display rich visualizations and provide a comprehensive view of data that is compatible with large, multi-touch panels, enabling fingertip and touch navigation.

Unlike common visualization tools with bars, graphs, and charts that often provide too much or too little information, RUBIC Gaze allows simple geospatial analysis by removing excess content. 

RUBIC Gaze reads data from any source including flat files, XML files, and relational databases, performing the transposition of data from disparate sources onto maps. Users navigate menus to enable self-service business intelligence, eliminating the dependency of on their IT team through easy data entry and use of filters to analyze data.

The product’s framework is based on open-source technologies that allow for ease of integration into existing technology environments, spanning markets including retail, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and travel and transportation. It is completely customizable, enabling customers in these segments to deploy only the features and functionalities required by their business. Using open-source technologies relieves customers from the licensing costs commonly associated with geospatial components that are either sold separately or as part of BI tool stacks.

RUBIC Gaze is the latest addition to the MindTree family of RUBIC frameworks -- a set of reusable components that provide structured approaches to managing various design aspects of BI implementations, increasing the quality of the solution and improving time to market.

RUBIC Gaze is available immediately as an independent framework or as a bundled solution with MindTree’s Data and Analytics services.
Additional information is available at www.mindtree.com.

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