Nimbula Director 1.5 Helps IT Build Private, Public, Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

Helps IT manage compute, storage resources.

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Nimbula has released Nimbula Director 1.5, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution for managing compute and storage resources. The software helps enterprises and service providers build powerful private, public, and hybrid cloud infrastructures.

Nimbula Director 1.5 supports a geographically distributed cloud. The software can manage this multi-site cloud from a single view, which improves the cloud experience for end users by providing single login from which to access any resource anywhere and deploy workloads to any site in a self-service manner.

In addition to executing on the core vision of a global cloud, Nimbula has delivered critical functionality for taking Nimbula Director clouds into production while ensuring simple and efficient operations with these features:

  • Policy-based automation for compute and storage that delivers an extremely simple mechanism for requesting resources

  • Persistent block store that offers the self-service interfaces of cloud storage with enterprise-class service level selection across a wide range of vendors

  • Simplicity with flexibility provides a customizable installer for packaging a choice of operating system, drivers and management software

For more information or to download Nimbula Director 1.5, visit Pricing and packaging remain unchanged: for deployments on infrastructure up to and including 40 cores, Nimbula Director is licensed free of charge. A paid support option is available for users of the free version. For deployments on infrastructure with more than 40 cores, Nimbula Director is licensed on an annual subscription basis and includes both maintenance and support services.

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