Syncsort Announces DMExpress Application Modernization Edition

Special edition of Syncsort's data integration software aids in mainframe modernization initiatives.

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Syncsort has announced DMExpress Application Modernization Edition, a solution for organizations migrating mainframe applications to open systems using re-hosting environments from leading vendors including Clerity Solutions, Micro Focus, and Oracle. DMExpress Application Modernization Edition delivers sort capabilities, sort card support, integration with leading re-hosting solutions, and compression technology for data transformations on commodity hardware.

DMExpress Application Modernization Edition combines all the data integration and sort capabilities to bridge the gap between mainframe and open systems environments into a single package. It includes comprehensive file manipulation functionality, and data transformations -- such as sorting, merging, copying, and joining -- that are the equivalent to those performed in the mainframe environment.

The solution delivers performance at scale to convert massive data volumes and overcome the challenges associated with complex data translation. This results in faster and less expensive mainframe modernization and migration projects. Because DMExpress Application Modernization Edition is specifically designed to support leading re-hosting environments, processes are streamlined and customers can maximize the business value of their modernization initiatives much sooner.

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