Infineta Unveils Pay-As-You-Go WAN Optimization Service for Migration Projects

Service uses Infineta’s WAN optimization technology to help companies complete migration jobs faster without incurring capital expenditures.

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Infineta Systems has unveiled its new Data Migration Accelerator (DMA), a pay-as-you-go WAN optimization service offering built around the company’s flagship Data Mobility Switch (DMS) solution.

The DMA service enables enterprises to cut data center consolidation, cloud data migration, and new data center application rollout times. Infineta’s DMA service helps enterprises cut migration project times by 80 percent or more, resulting in reduced overall project costs and increased business agility without requiring capital expenditures or long-term financial commitments.

Like the company’s flagship product, Infineta’s new DMA service accelerates traffic over WAN links at up to 10 Gbps rates while expanding WAN capacity by 5-10X and guaranteeing network capacity for critical inter-data center traffic flows.

With the advent of cloud computing, server, and storage virtualization, new business continuity initiatives, and the doubling in size of mission-critical datasets every two years, organizations are being forced to periodically initiate large data-migration projects that can each span multiple quarters. Whether the goal is to reduce the number of in-use data centers, provision a new data center for improved data protection, roll out a new application worldwide, or take periodic snapshots of critical data for vaulting into the cloud, long-distance data migration is an essential part of today’s application and data availability strategies.

To achieve underlying business goals, data migration projects must be completed quickly and efficiently to minimize operational disruptions such as application downtime and data center outages, avoid operational expenditure (OpEx) overruns, and manage IT staffing costs. Until now, WAN optimization vendors have only offered businesses the conventional, long-term licensing option, forcing IT managers to instead purchase additional WAN capacity at great expense (in the hundreds of thousands of dollars) to complete data migration projects on schedule. In addition to requiring these hefty cost expenditures, the acquisition of additional WAN capacity typically doesn’t result in reduced migration times.

Infineta’s pay-as-you-go data migration service enables companies to achieve the following:

  • Improve the enterprise’s business continuity and disaster recovery (BC/DR) standing by bringing new data centers online faster and by quickly decommissioning old data centers

  • Increase business agility by enabling rapid data center applications deployment

  • Avoid large capital expenditure (CapEx) and meet cost reduction commitments while keeping up with aggressive data migration requirements

  • Curtail expenditures on additional WAN capacity by leveraging existing WAN infrastructure

  • Reduce OpEx on project staff and equipment by a factor of 4 to 5

Infineta’s DMA service is available immediately and is offered as a 3-month initial rental. The service includes top-tier professional service and support, with the option to extend the rental as required. More information is available at

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